Pastel Paradise

Let me paint you a picture first I open my eyes and I see blurry shapes and faint colours. Do you know this feeling when you just wake up and need a moment for your vision to adjust to reality, sharpen, set the focus and intensity of the light? It’s pretty normal. Except, that in […]

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Sky is not the limit

From the plane adventures series: We are flying everywhere, distance is not a limit. We live in a modern world and saying “only sky is the limit” has no proper sense anymore. How come sky is the limit? We conquered the sky. We almost live in the skies. The sky is our highway now. The […]

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Sweet escape

The journey starts like this: Decision. Quick. Spontaneous. Now. Ticket. Flight. I’m there. My sweet gateway happened suddenly. Couple of ideas, couple of contacts, couple of hundreds of dollars later… this is how it’s done. I’m escaping again. From one paradise to another. Why not? Nowadays, the distance is nothing, expenses are not too big, […]

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A day of remembrance of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who died at war. Originally World War I but now any war or conflict. It’s a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand. A day off from work. And a pub day, too. But first things first. The dawn service People gather around war […]

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12 beaches in 12 kilometers

Just feel it 6:30 am wake up call. My eyes wide open in a second. Excitement! I’m going for a trip. So what? – you’d ask, everyone does sometimes. But I have this Reisefieber. Because in general, I don’t have holidays, I don’t have a leave from work and I don’t have much savings just […]

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