Let the ocean set you free

You say: swimming? I think: more like dipping. You say: waves? I’m more into flat, calm surfaces. You say: cold water and salt in your mouth, nose and eyes? I say: you gotta be kidding me! I do love ocean, that’s right, but I also love warm water, soaking my feet and taking a sun […]

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Solo travelling girl

Alone but not lonely Sometimes life puts you in a situation when you really need holidays and you really want to go, but you just don’t have a companion. But that’s OK, because you have you! At first, you’re a bit shy and not sure if it’s a good idea to be OUT THERE alone. […]

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My Mission

Still dreaming Light breeze gently cools my skin. I soak my toes and make ripples on the flat surface. I can feel bumpy and slippery bottom under my feet. I lose my balance. Decision has to be quick. NOW! sssssplasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh Thousands of icy needles are piercing my skin, but I have it all to myself. […]

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Cast away

The Island of Peace and Plenty Pastel Paradise kept me in this sweet trance all day and night. Suddenly, I wake up on an island. I’m alone. I’m looking for someone, anyone around, I have so many questions to ask. But no one is here. I start to walk along the beach. Low tide. Tropical […]

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Pastel Paradise

Let me paint you a picture first I open my eyes and I see blurry shapes and faint colours. Do you know this feeling when you just wake up and need a moment for your vision to adjust to reality, sharpen, set the focus and intensity of the light? It’s pretty normal. Except, that in […]

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