Wendy’s Secret Garden

There is a garden in North Sydney that is hidden between buildings and streets, masked between trees, surrounded by water and concrete jungle, situated on the hill that is steep. It’s open to the public, unfenced, unguarded and still sometimes hard to find. Clearly… because it’s secret. Beautifully created, full of art, filled with love, hard […]

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Orion’s Belt

Which of the skies do you know better? Northern or southern? Do you know stars and constellations in both celestial hemispheres? I know very little about them, but what I know for sure is that watching the stars and trying to find patterns in the sky is amazing. Australian sky is definitely very inspiring. Especially, […]

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Sydney NYE madness

Just a short post about NYE madness in McMahons Point, Sydney. Short because I’m in the middle of this craziness and simply have no time. I work in a restaurant that is located on the street that leads to one of the most beautiful views. Blues Point Reserve Lookout I refer to it as my […]

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Christmas in Australia

Christmas time in Australia is very different to the one in Europe or probably in general in the Northern Hemisphere. I mean, Australians do celebrate exactly the same thing, it’s still the same religious event. But the everlasting sun and scorching temperatures of 30+ give it an entirely different spin. Summer in December This is […]

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