Sydneysiders dine in white

A feast for the senses Months or even years of waiting and only for specially invited people. Secret location, everyone wearing white, picnic set packed with gourmet snacks. The whole concept of the event and its mysterious atmosphere give you thrills. The preparations and counting down the days makes you impatient to finally discover this enigmatic […]

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Your autumn is my spring

Both are beautiful. One leading to a calm and sleepy time, the other one to an energetic and full of life season. But both of them are full of colours, impressions and moods. Polish autumn and Australian spring. They last at the same time on the opposite edges of the world and somehow they seem […]

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Melbourne Cup

One day, one race, three minutes, millions of people. The race that stops a nation – this is how it’s described in Australia. And it’s true. Once a year, on the first Tuesday of November since 1861, the Melbourne Cup fever starts. It’s a normal working day in New South Wales and other states except […]

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Sydney is a woman

Because she’s appealing with her shape Full of mysterious little nooks, where you can find your seclusion. She has a long and winding shore line, with smooth and rough curves, folds and immersions. Just like a real woman.

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Dreamy travels

Coming back to a place that you know like your own pocket after two years of absence brings a lot of  thrills and emotions. Of course the excitement of seeing your family is great but the trip and the fact of coming back to the past life are a bit surreal. I came back to […]

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