Solo travelling girl

Alone but not lonely Sometimes life puts you in a situation when you really need holidays and you really want to go, but you just don’t have a companion. But that’s OK, because you have you! At first, you’re a bit shy and not sure if it’s a good idea to be OUT THERE alone. […]

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My Mission

Still dreaming Light breeze gently cools my skin. I soak my toes and make ripples on the flat surface. I can feel bumpy and slippery bottom under my feet. I lose my balance. Decision has to be quick. NOW! sssssplasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh Thousands of icy needles are piercing my skin, but I have it all to myself. […]

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Cast away

The Island of Peace and Plenty Pastel Paradise kept me in this sweet trance all day and night. Suddenly, I wake up on an island. I’m alone. I’m looking for someone, anyone around, I have so many questions to ask. But no one is here. I start to walk along the beach. Low tide. Tropical […]

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Pastel Paradise

Let me paint you a picture first I open my eyes and I see blurry shapes and faint colours. Do you know this feeling when you just wake up and need a moment for your vision to adjust to reality, sharpen, set the focus and intensity of the light? It’s pretty normal. Except, that in […]

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Sky is not the limit

From the plane adventures series: We are flying everywhere, distance is not a limit. We live in a modern world and saying “only sky is the limit” has no proper sense anymore. How come sky is the limit? We conquered the sky. We almost live in the skies. The sky is our highway now. The […]

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